Every Door Direct Mail

Wholesale Inserts

Every Door Direct Mail saves you money!

DIRECT MAIL = usually 50+ cents per home but the USPS Every Door Direct Mail program costs as little as $0.25 per home!

Let us help save you time & money! We take submitted art & print at a low rate and even deliver your completed pieces to the post office for you!

Flyer details:

Color: Full Color
Paper Weight: PREMIUM 100 # glossy text
Size: 8.5 x 11

Pricing packages

  • 10,000 flyers printed and shipped = $750
  • 20,000 flyers printed and shipped = $1,250
  • 30,000 flyers printed and shipped = $1,500

NOTE: Customer must take flyers and pay Postal Service to insert flyers into every mailbox of your chosen mail route or zip code.

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